Successful Wax Center Franchise Opportunities

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“#1 Favorite Place to get waxed in NYC” – Beauty High

While no one tracks the number of women (and men) getting waxed each year, analysts say that it is safe to assume it is a multimillion dollar industry. The process of hair removal has become a growing industry. And of the several methods of hair removal, waxing presents significant advantages.

European Wax Center is serving this expanding market with professional trained estheticians along with superior guest services and fabulous price incentives. Its high-end image and revolutionary Comfort Wax system, a virtually painless alternative to traditional waxing, have been recognized in several magazines including Shape, Elle and Teen Vogue. A unique customer incentives program also helps create a loyal customer base and continued success.

European Wax Center will be awarding franchises to a select number of qualified individuals. If you would like to learn more about our franchise opportunity, contact Brown Business Brokers by phone: (205) 807-4809 or by email: