The Support of Small Business in the Wake of Tragedy

Within moments of the tragedy in Boston yesterday, so many people stepped up to help. We’ve seen and heard lots of stories of good in the face of evil – stories of people coming to the aid of the injured. Individuals; first responders – policeman, fireman, paramedics, special units.; doctors, nurses and staff. Another group that has stepped up in the small business community of Boston. Whether offering free cupcakes or lunch to lift spirits or opening WiFi networks and outlets for cell phone charging, many area businesses are stepping up to offer support after yesterday’s tragedy. A number of businesses are tweeting their support through the trending #BostonHelp.

Screen-Shot-2013-04-16-at-10.50.02-AMOne small business example is Jim Hoben, 45, and his El Pelon Taqueria staff. They immediately offered drinks and food off the menu, provided phone charging stations and let those without cellphones make calls from their phones. Another is Tasty Burger and Chris Gotreau, director of operations at Tasty Burger, who offered meals Monday and all day today to the city’s “heroes.”

What a testament these and others are to how small business is  an integral part of the communities they are a part of. The support they have given and will continue to give in the wake of tragedy show how businesses and individuals alike step up in the wake of tragedy to form a sense of unity. That good is better than evil. God bless you, Boston.

For those of us around the country wanting to help, here is a good resource: