Who We Are

We know, most businesses begin with just a dream, a wild idea sketched on a napkin, a “what if.” Ours all did. Then, after years of hard work, dreams of selling a business become equally as big. A successful purchase or sale is all about experiencing the rewards of your sweat equity investment.

Let Brown Business Brokers help you realize your dream.

Our first-hand buying and selling experiences mean we’ve gained greater knowledge from our successes and learned from our mistakes. This company was founded with a singular focus – to ensure a positive, seamless brokering experience for our clients. We are committed to leading our clients though the process with transparency and honesty.

From initial estimation valuations, to marketing and qualifying, to documentation and due diligence, to ultimately closing the deal, we are with you every step of the way. Our focus is Alabama. This is where we grew up, where we raise our families, and where we want to see business thrive. Investing in Alabama is an investment in our future.

The Brown Business Brokers Promise: A better business broker

Bringing real-world experience to the business is what sets Brown’s brokers apart. All of our brokers have owned a business and/or bought and sold a business, applying this valuable know-how to client’s individualized situations.

With confidence, in confidence

Our brokers will guide you through the process with clarity and transparency, and in full confidence. From the beginning, your expectations will be managed so that you can focus your efforts on other areas of business.

Reasonable estimates, Practical pricing

We understand, you want the best price. But we’ll never inflate a value simply to get your business. With our estimation valuations, it’s always our goal to bring you the best fair market value.

Staying connected

Our brokers will continually follow the latest industry trends and practices while working with a strong network of industry professionals to help you in various areas of business.

Valuing the relationship

We believe a long-term relationship and our name are more important than a one-time sale. It’s a simple principle and it’s how we handle our business.

Fletcher Brown, President

Fletcher of Birmingham's Brown Business Brokers

Fletcher’s practical knowledge of the buying and selling process allows him to effectively guide his clients from start to finish. Growing up in a manufacturing family, he watched a company go public and successfully change hands. As a small business proprietor, Fletcher gained valuable insight into the complexity of running a business, as well as the reality of business sales.

Prior to his brokerage firm and his small business proprietorship, Fletcher spent over 15 years in the banking and finance world, where he developed a strong network of relationships. He also spent the last several years in the consulting field.

A Birmingham, AL native and 5th generation Alabamian, Fletcher is committed to helping Alabama businesses and families succeed.